What Do You Want From Your Retirement Lifestyle?

Are you thinking ahead to retirement and looking forward to what comes next?

We know you’re not about to let your retirement years just slip by and that you have ambitions you still want to achieve. You’re certainly not alone in this respect.

Recent research by YouGov surveyed a group of 65 year-olds and revealed a ‘top 40’ wish list full of adventure and achievement.

Some of our favourite picks included:

  • Learning to fly
  • Writing a bestselling novel
  • Living to 100
  • Learning a new language
  • Being financially secure
  • Buying a house
  • Becoming a grandparent

While some of these may be not completely within your control, others most certainly are, especially when it comes to your finances.

You can have the money both to live comfortably and to do what you want to do once you retire, with a little planning.

Would you like to take up a new hobby, such as flying, or perhaps enroll in some writing classes so that you can get to work on that best-selling novel? You can, but the key is to start planning now, so you are ready for the next stage of your life when you reach 65.

Considering Your Retirement Lifestyle

If you do want to take up a hobby, you’ll need money to help fund those pursuits, as you will if you want to go on a cruise or relocate to a warmer climate permanently.

Even if you prefer the simple life and will be staying in your current home, spending time playing with the grandkids, and settling back and enjoying life without having to earmark money for special pursuits, you should still plan for your retirement accordingly.

Because it will be a little less expensive, your savings and investment goals can be more modest, but you’ll still need to think ahead.

If you retire at 65 or even earlier, you will likely have years of life ahead of you yet, so plan to have enough money to live comfortably for that time. You’ll need enough money to support yourself (and your spouse, as applicable) for the rest of your life as you estimate it.

We recommend that you plan to live to be 100 just to be fully covered.

Investments, annuities, and savings are financial vehicles that can help you save for retirement smartly. Your savings may pay for early retirement years, while other investments and annuities can carry you through later years. Each of these is weighted differently for risk and growth potential; you may want some help to decide what is best for you.

You can achieve the retirement you want with a careful plan, and the ability to stick to it. Then, relax and look to the future – and your next greatest adventure!