Why does any business do what it does?

The easy answer is to make money but is that a sustainable objective in the long term? Is that an objective that clients of a business can share in? Is that an objective that inspires individuals to take positive actions?

I would argue that the answer is no. Clearly all businesses need to make money to survive but the best businesses will make money as a by product of their ‘Why’.

Smart Financial Planning’s ‘Why’ is to empower our clients to achieve and maintain the life they want without fear of ever running out of money.

We do this by helping them understand their deeply held goals and aspirations and working with them to make the changes required to turn them into a reality.

In the process we will create detailed financial models, increase their tax efficiency, tidy up their financial products and simplify their financial lives.

In the next few months my focus will be on changing some of our ‘hows’ in order that we can focus more on delivering our ‘why’ and therefore help our clients deliver their ‘why’.

To see more about what we do and why, see our video www.smartfinancial.co.uk